【台灣好棒】周興哲首登 TIME 雜誌(托防疫有成的福?)|精選文章


周興哲 (Eric Chou) 因在武肺爆發後,登台小巨蛋舉辦超過 10,000 人全場全程戴口罩的演唱會而登上《時代雜誌》。來看看 《時代雜誌》 怎麼報導:

  1. wear a mask upon entry 入場時戴口罩 
  2. strong response to the coronavirus 對武肺強而有效的對應 
  3. prevention measures 防範措施
  4. border control 邊境控管 
  5. mandatory 14-day home quarantine 14 天強制居家檢疫
  6. locally transmitted cases 本土感染案例 
  7. restrictions were lifted 取消限制 
  8. make an appeal that fans keep their masks on throughout the show 呼籲歌迷們整場演唱會中戴著口罩 
  9. being collectively immersed in live music 集體沈浸在音樂當中 
  10. Mandopop 華語流行音樂
  11. large-scale indoor concerts 大型室內演唱會 
  12. concertgoer 參與演唱會的人
  13. 防疫機制說明:Apart from masks and temperature checks being required upon entry, all attendees needed to provide a physical ID card or enter their names and phone numbers into a government website in order to receive a QR code that would facilitate contact tracing should the need arise.

原文發表於:Alexander Wang 王梓沅英文【台灣好棒】周興哲首登 TIME 雜誌(托防疫有成的福)?・August 19
《TIME》原文:Taiwan Just Had Its First 10,000-Person Arena Concert Since the Pandemic Began. Here’s What It Was Like to Be There