如果你一次看完很多集,可以說 finish many / all of the episodes in one sitting. 如字面上 in one sitting 所形容,就是坐下來一次就全部看完了(可能有點誇飾啦)。定義就是 “you do not stop doing it until you have finished it”。 

「追劇」有另外一個常用的用法就是 binge-watch(動詞,及物不及物都可,名詞是 binge-watching)。2005 年時,Collins Dictionary 甚至將 Word of the Year 頒給了 binge-watch 這個字。

Wired 雜誌曾做過一個整理,叫做 “51 of the best Netflix series to binge-watch in 2020″,裡面整理了 51 部值得在 2020 年追一波的劇。 下面來看看幾個 binge-watch、binge-watching 使用的時機和例句吧:

1️⃣ Netflix is rolling out an app update for the iPhone and iPad Wednesday that will make it easier for people to binge-watch. (TIME Magazine) 

2️⃣ Have you ever spent hours binge-watching shows on Netflix?

3️⃣ In a recent study in the Journal of Health Psychology, researchers analyzed the psychology of TV binge-watching, examining what motivates people to binge-watch and how they feel about the habit, and among the results was some good news for anyone who prefers to spend their weekends on the couch with the TV on.

原文發表於:Alexander Wang 王梓沅英文【「夫妻的世界」和「誰是被害者」你都追了嗎?「追劇」英文用法】・May 13