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我最愛的期刊型雜誌 Foreign Affairs 果然沒有讓我失望。新的一篇文章 “The Coronavirus Could Reshape Global Order”,如其標題所述,談到了中國如何利用新冠狀病毒疫情的全球擴散去 “reshape global order.”

文章副標用字用得極為漂亮,使用了動詞 maneuver 和 falter:

“China is maneuvering for international leadership as the United States falters.” 

✔︎  maneuver: use cleverly planned and often dishonest methods to get the result that you want (使用精心計劃或時常是不誠實的方式以達到你想要的目的)

✔︎  falter: become weaker 

當然,也是因為西方列強(美國尤其)領導力出問題,讓人趁虛而入?!(如同下方第 3 句)

文章 Highlights:

“With hundreds of millions of people now isolating themselves around the world, the novel coronavirus pandemic has become a truly global event. And while its geopolitical implications (在地緣政治上的影響) should be considered secondary (次要的) to matters of health and safety, those implications may, in the long term, prove just as consequential (重要的)—especially when it comes to the United States’ global position. Global orders have a tendency to change gradually at first and then all at once.”

“As Washington falters, Beijing is moving quickly and adeptly (精巧地) to take advantage of the opening created by U.S. mistakes, filling the vacuum to position itself as the global leader in pandemic response. It is working to tout (吹捧、宣傳) its own system, provide material assistance to other countries, and even organize other governments.”

“Public statements by President Donald Trump, whether Oval Office addresses or early-morning tweets, have largely served to sow confusion (造成困惑) and spread uncertainty. Both public and private sectors have proved ill-prepared to produce and distribute the tools necessary for testing and response. And internationally, the pandemic has amplified (強化) Trump’s instincts to go it alone and exposed just how unprepared Washington is to lead a global response.” 

原文發表於:Alexander Wang 王梓沅英文【我最愛的期刊型雜誌 Foreign Affairs 果然沒有讓我失望】・ March 22

Foreign Affairs 原文:The Coronavirus Could Reshape Global Order