backfire, harness, entail, synthesize, catalyze, overhaul




是英語是母語的人常用、常說的詞彙(they are NOT big words),

動詞總整 (例句和意思在下方)

[1] backfire
[2] suffice
[3] streamline
[4] outweigh
[5] entail
[6] facilitate
[7] exemplify
[8] dictate
[9] harness
[10] substantiate
[11] consolidate
[12] encapsulate
[13] engineer
[14] orchestrate
[15] spearhead
[16] showcase
[17] outstrip / outshine
[18] overhaul
[19] catalyze
[20] epitomize
[21] reverberate
[22] accommodate
[23] conflate
[24] synthesize
[25] recapitulate

1. backfire (vi) 適得其反、產生反效果 (have an undesired effect)
e.g. Using the ease of email to avoid difficult conversations can easily backfire.
e.g. Our hostile bid for our rival company could easily backfire, driving away customers and investors.

2. suffice (vi) 使足夠 (=be enough)
e.g. Two hours should suffice for the meeting.
e.g. Unless you need corporate administration tools, XP Home edition should suffice for most businesses.

3. streamline (vt.) 使精簡化 (以提高效率)
e.g. The business is looking for ways to streamline production.

4. outweigh (vt.) 比~更重要、勝過
e.g. The advantages of this deal largely outweigh the disadvantages.

5. entail (vt.) 牽涉; 包含; 需要
e.g. Such a decision will entail a huge political risk.
e.g. The job of a choreologist entails teaching dancers the technique and performance of dance movements.

6. facilitate (vt.) 促進、幫助、助長
e.g. The new trade agreement should facilitate more rapid economic growth.
e.g. The new airport will facilitate the development of tourism.

7. exemplify (vt.) 舉例證明、例示
e.g. The room’s style exemplifies Conran’s ideal of “beauty and practicality”.

8. dictate (vt./vi.) 控制、決定、影響、指示 (vi.)
e.g. Commonsense now dictates that it would be wise to sell a few shares (股票).
e.g. A number of factors jointly dictate how long an apple tree can survive.

9. harness (vt.) 利用、控制 (情感)
e.g. Scientists have known how to harness (利用) the limitless power of the sun.
e.g. They try to harness the sun’s energy to hear homes.

10. substantiate (vt.) 支持 (論點) [特別是用證據支持]
e.g. This is little scientific evidence to substantiate the claims.

11. consolidate (vt.) 加強、合併
e.g. IMB, which consolidated some operations last summer, has made it clear that it needed to continue to streamline them.
e.g. The meeting was intended to consolidate accounting and statistical data of national taxation.

12. encapsulate (vt.) 概括、概述 “Encapsulate your idea worth spreading in a viral catchphrase.” His ideas were encapsulated in a book called “Democratic Ideals and Reality”.

13. engineer (vt.) (巧妙或間接地) 籌劃、安排
e.g. He engineered the minister’s downfall (下台).

14. orchestrate (vt.) 精心安排、精心策劃
e.g. The colonel (上校) was able to orchestrate a rebellion (叛變) from inside an army jail.
e.g. He orchestrated the entire event.

15. spearhead (v.) 領導、當先鋒
e.g. Despite losing the Democratic bid for president, Edwards is tenacious (堅持於) in his plan to help spearhead universal health care (帶領普及全民健保) to rid the world of HIV/AIDS.

16. showcase (vt.) 展示、展現(優點)
e.g. serving as a chair (主席) will showcase your leadership skills to potential employers.

17. outstrip (vt.) 優於、勝過 / 相似字: outshine e.g. He outstrips his friends both in sports and in studies.

18. overhaul (vt.) 全面修訂、革新
e.g. The legal system needs to be overhauled.
e.g. The government said it wanted to overhaul the employment training scheme (計畫) to make it more cost effective (低成本高效益).

19. catalyze (vt.) 促成催化、徹底改變
e.g. The technology bred of science has catalyzed (促成) stupendous (巨大的) economic growth.
e.g. Changes in student enrollment have catalyzed (徹底改變)the educational system.

20. epitomize (vt.) 象徵、概括
e.g. “behavior that epitomizes selfishness 象徵著自私的行為”
e.g. She epitomizes a loving mother. 她是慈母的典型
e.g. “to epitomize an argument 概括一論點”

21. reverberate (vi.) (後面加 through) 影響迴盪於~ e.g. The layoffs reverberated through the company.

22. accommodate (vt.) 調和、使適應
e.g. “to accommodate differences 調和分歧”
e.g. “to accommodate disputes” 消弭紛爭
e.g. She has been trying to accommodate her lifestyle to his.

23. conflate (vt.) 誤將兩者合而為一視為同一物
e.g. Please don’t conflate liberty with freedom.
e.g. Please be careful not to conflate gossip with real news.

24. synthesize (vt.) 結合、綜合
e.g. He synthesized old and new ideas to formulate his hypothesis.

25. recapitulate (vi./vt.) 重述要點、扼要說明
e.g. To recapitulate what was said earlier, we need to develop novel ways to gain customers.


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